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NSF I/UCRC Participating Faculty

Morana Alac (UCSD): Social Apps for Video and Music
Abeer Alwan (UCLA): Noise-robust Speech Processing Systems
Natasha Balac (San Diego Supercomputer Center): Predictive Analytics
Joseph Barr (UCI): Predictive Analytics
David Borgo (UCSD): Semantically Enhanced Online Music Learning and Production
Jim Brody (UCI): Semantic Search of Electronic Health Records
Shlomo Dubnov (UCSD Site Director): Semantic Computing and Entertainment
Nikil Dutt (UCI): Energy Efficient Embedded Systems
Charles Elkan (UCSD): Next-generation Enterprise Search Engine
Eleazar Eskin (UCLA): BioInformatics
Jean-Luc Gaudiot (UCI): Computer Architecture for Semantic Computing
William Hsu (UCLA): Semantic Medical Imaging Informatics
Ramesh Jain (UCI): Situation Recognition in Social Life Networks
Alexander Ihler (UCI): AI, Machine Learning
David Kirsh (UCSD): Situated Learning in Community Information Environment
Richard Lathrop (UCI): Biomedical Informatics
Loger Levy (UCSD): Computational Linguistics
Joanne Luciano (UCI): Semantic Web, Biomedical Informatics
Aditi Majumder (UCI): Content Aware Capture, Display and Interfaces
Sharad Mehrotra (UCI): Distributed Network Systems, Database Management
Sanjay Nigam (UCSD): Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics
Matteo Pellegrini (UCLA): BioInforamtics
Mihaela van der Schaar (UCLA Site Director): Stream Mining of Big Data
Phillip Sheu (UCI) Site Director: Semantic Search and Synthesis of Services
Keyue Smedley (UCI): Power Electronics, Alternative Energy Power Generation
Wei Wang (UCLA): Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Database Systems.
Mark Warschauer (UCI): Semantic Computing and Education
Xiaohui Xie (UCI): Biomedical Informatics
Xia Yang (UCLA): Systems Biology
William Zame (UCLA): Uncertainty, Risk and Ambiguity: Implications for Asset Markets
Carlo Zaniolo (UCLA): Database, Data Mining, AI

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